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Swangus Beef Shipment Guidelines

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Walnut Grove Farm 

Howdy and thank you for the order!


As a valued customer, we want you to know that an extremely high level of care goes into the growing, harvesting, packing, shipping, and presentation of our Swangus Beef products. We have taken many steps to ensure that you will enjoy your order,  Here is a quick rundown of things that we would like you to know about your shipment prior to consuming:




  1. Upon opening your cooler, please inspect the individual product packages. The vacuum packaging should be intact, tight to the product, and free from any holes or tears. In the event a package has been damaged, please contact us immediately and do not cook or consume your order. 

  2. Feel the product through the vacuum pack, the beef should be frozen, partially thawed, or cold to the touch. If you are unsure, 40 degrees or less to be exact. If your shipment has arrived on time and without issue, the temperature will be well below the safe threshold. If your shipment has arrived later than expected (or lost / mishandled by the carrier) and then delivered, please contact Walnut Grove Farm and do not proceed with consuming your order.




  1. Upon receiving your Swangus Beef order, and after a quick inspection, please refrigerate or freeze immediately. Here are a few thoughts to help you decide which is right for you.

  2. If you plan to enjoy your purchase in the next 2-3 days, then we recommend placing it in the refrigerator and allowing it to slowly “fridge thaw”. This will allow the beef to naturally thaw and it can then be prepared for cooking in your usual manner. 

  3. If you do not plan to cook your order within 3 days, then the unopened vacuum package should be placed in the freezer where it can be safely stored for several months. We then recommend “fridge thawing” several days before you plan on cooking it. More information about shelf life and storage times can be found on our website under the FAQ page.




  1. Preparing, eating, and enjoying our home delivered Swangus Beef will vary slightly from the traditional beef experience that most people are used to. 

  2. Moments after a master butcher hand cuts our beef, it enters the air tight package before you now. This package contains no dyes, preservatives, or gasseous additives to alter the appearance of the beef. 

  3. Our packaging is a non-permeable membrane and internally it is void of oxygen. This gives the beef a richer, darker, and deeper color while contained in the pack. Once removed and introduced to oxygen, the beef will take on the traditional red color that most people are accustomed to. More info on this is available on the FAQ page of our website.

  4. As you unpackage your beef, we recommend straining and patting dry the steak to remove any excess liquid (Myoglobin) that is released during the thawing process. More information on Myoglobin and the unpackaging process can be found on the FAQ page of our website.

  5. During this re-oxygenation time, an unconventional odor may be present. This release is known as “confinement odor” and is common and expected with all vacuum packed meat. This odor is not an indication of freshness or quality, it is simply a by-product of the vacuum sealing process. As oxygen is reintroduced to the meat, this smell will vanish within a few minutes. There is also a likely chance that this odor may not even occur. It's presence could depend on the thawing conditions. 

  6. It is our recommendation to: remove your order from packaging, strain / pat dry, place on a plate or uncovered dish for 15 - 20 minutes, and allow it to naturally rest as it is reacclimated outside of its packaging.

  7. From this step on, we advise to begin your normal steak or beef preparation process.




  1. As our steaks are hand cut to generous 1" - 1.5”, we recommend the use of a meat thermometer to accurately achieve the desired internal temperature. At this thickness, traditional methods of gauging degree of doneness can be inaccurate. We guarantee that you will appreciate the flavor and consistency packed into these thicker than average steaks. 

  2. The below guide can help you determine which internal temperature is right for you.


Med. Rare 

130° F


140° F

Med. Well 

150° F


120° F

 Well Done 

160° F +


Questions or Concerns:


  1. Please contact us with any questions or concerns about your order. If you are unhappy, we would like to know about it. 

Phone: (864) 576-9244



We guarantee quality and freshness in all of our products. Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. 



Walnut Grove Farm

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