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    Walnut Grove Farm is located in the heart of the rural Walnut Grove Community. It sits in the southern part of Spartanburg County, just outside of the town of Roebuck, South Carolina. The land that comprises Walnut Grove Farm has been in the Harrison family since before 1900. The farm was the previous home to two different dairy farms, and over the years, nearly every type of crop and animal has been grown and raised on the grounds of Walnut Grove Farm. 

   It is quite fitting for a farm with such strong ties to the dairy business to maintain a beef herd with a dairy breed foundation. This union perfectly symbolizes Walnut Grove’s dedication to cattle farmers of all types. Through Walnut Grove Auction & Realty, we service many areas of the cattle industry through equipment sales, livestock marketing, and farm auctions for cattle, equipment, and land. Visit the website for Walnut Grove Auction & Realty by clicking the icons below to learn more about our services. 

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    Walnut Grove Farm has a steeped history in the cattle business and most specifically in the dairy industry. The story begins with cows being milked on the Harrison family homestead in the 1940’s. This milk, along with other farm products such as produce and eggs were taken into town on a weekly basis. As Lewis Harrison, founder of Walnut Grove Auction & Realty and just a young boy at the time said, “When you got to about the tenth house on the street and hadn’t sold anything, you really learned how to refine your salesmanship.” Selling farm products door to door was just the beginning for Walnut Grove Farm. Walnut Grove entered the auction business in 1964 and began conducting on site auctions selling farmland, farm equipment, and dairy cattle. Walnut Grove Auction & Realty would go on to become one of the most trusted sources of buying and selling dairy cows in the southeast. 


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All Natural Farm Raised Beef

At Walnut Grove Farm all of our animals are raised and cared for above and beyond USDA humane animal husbandry standards. Each animals is humanely raised, on pasture for it's entire lifecycle. Our cattle always have been and always will be hormone free. 

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