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Gift Certificate (Paper)

Give the gift of Swangus Beef with a custom printed paper gift certificate. The physical gift card adds a personal touch that can be hand delivered and gifted in person. Perfect for holidays, birthdays, and special occasions. Available in values from $25 - $500.


For a faster gift that can be shared electronically, please check out out Swangus Beef E - Gift Card 


Our Swangus Beef Gift certicates contain a unique discount code that will need to keyed in at the time of check out in order to be redeemed. For any assistance with purchasing or spending a gift certificate, please contact us.

Gift Certificate (Paper)

  • During checkout, please select "Farm Pickup" for the shipping option when purchasing a gift certificate. The gift certifiacte will then mailed to you at your specified "shipping address". If you are purchasing a gift card in addition to other products, select a courier shipping option and your gift certificate will be included with your order. 

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